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Owner and program design/director of Bodilogix fitness 2007. I have the best “job” in the world !!!


The responsibility to provide direction for people regarding appropriate use of exercise to benefit and improve their very life experience is a charge I don’t take lightly. To provide lifestyle education for people to experience “Optimal living” is my passion!


My interest and experience is that of biological science and the application of physical fitness on body systems employing various training protocols. To that end by applying proper stimulus of movement suited specifically by individual the physiological response to exercise has been the study and fascination of my career. I continually strive tirelessly to establish Bodilogix fitness as the Personal Training “Academy” it has come to be known. A place of learning, and study of the pursuit of fitness and getting the best out of our my physical selves.​

​Competitive Recognitions


  • 2nd place Opa Grand Master Winner 2016

  • 2nd Place Physique (OPA) female winner 2012

  • Ontario Physique Association (OPA) First Place Female Natural Bodybuilding Champion 2012

  • Fame First Place Masters Female Natural Bodybuilding 2012

  • Fame First Place Elite Female Natural Bodybuilding 2012

  • Fame First Place Masters Female Natural Bodybuilding 2011

  • Fame first place Elite Female Natural Bodybuilding 2011

  • Overall First place Female Natural Bodybuilding 2011

  • Fame First place Elite Female Natural Bodybuilding 2011

  • Winner Overall Female “Most Ripped” Award 2010

  • 1st Place Masters Natural Bodybuilding FAME 2010

  • 1st Place Open Natural Bodybuilding FAME 2010

  • Certified can fit pro PTS. NWS.

  • 22 years practicing the art of bio/physical sciences specializing in human mechanics.

  • Prescriptive exercise first and foremost providing correction, balance and strength to the human body.

  • Owner and sole visionary of Bodilogix Fitness.

  • Radio host of lifestyle show “living happily ever active”, focusing on a myriad of topics of importance to obtain and maintain optimal health and vitality.

  • Head transformation coach and co-host of season two. Radical Body Transformation currently taping at Bodilogix fitness detailing 15 individuals looking to make physical transformations with the help of our training team.

  • Competitive women’s physique competitor.

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