Bodilogix has got Class!


Bodilogix Fitness offers Classes for everyone. If you love to get fit with friends, check out the various classes sure to challenge the newest member in our club to the most seasoned gym rat.


Classes are offered through purchase of a Class Card.

1 Class - $22.00

8 Classes - $160.00

16 Classes - $275.00

24 Classes - $350.00


Put a little Yoga in your life ...


Bodilogix group class Yoga is a hatha style yoga presented as a system of physical postures incorporating breathing techniques and meditation to promote improved flexibility, strength and posture. 


Yoga can help to increase your energy outside of class and promote better sleep patterns. Those who practice yoga regularly report better management of stress and anxiety, feeling of overall well-being and mindfulness. 


Zumba fitness is a Latin inspired cardio-dance workout sure to bring out the dancer in you ...


Zumba class creates a bonafide party atmosphere where dance meets fitness resulting in a healthier you!


Come and get the boot at this high energy group fitness class sure to work up a sweat and leave you feeling you have been put through your paces.


Bootcamp features a circuit style workout focussing on incorporating traditional fitness equipment and body weight exercises within measured increments of time. 


Strong is an effective one hour high-rep total body workout designed to sculpt and tone the muscles by using traditional and functional strength training exercises. Participants can utilize a weighted barbell, plates or body weight to help drive their results. Great music in a fun group atmosphere will motivate and create the desire to succeed. This class is for anyone and everyone. ‘Strong’ will be sure to motivate you! 


Fitness inspired class designed to work on our strength, balance and to improve flexibility. 


A user friendly workout the movement flows with beautiful music encouraging us to be in the moment , and lift our spirit.


A freestyle cardio class designed to increase your heart rate and get your heart up and pumping!


Muscle conditioning , heart health is the key to this freestyle low impact workout.


Kick-Ass Cardio is 55-minute martial arts and boxing inspired workout, offering both high and low intensity options. The great music and Kick-Ass moves will be sure to kick your workout in high gear. Kick-Ass cardio will leave you feeling empowered to slay the day. This program is suitable for all fitness levels.


Instead of listening to the music at a Pound class you become the music. Pound is a cutting edge fitness class featuring a full body workout combining cardio, muscle conditioning, yoga and Pilates inspired movements. 


Pound with the addition of drum sticks transforms drumming into a great workout for all fitness levels. Let loose ! Rock out!  Have fun!


This class is geared to all fitness levels.


HIIT class training targets the entire body through dynamic movements various intervals. With the use of dumbbells, step and kickin' music , this class is sure to improve your cardio, strength and agility while having a great time while doing so.