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Diamond Membership


  • All access to Resistance Training Equipment.

  • All access to our Cardio Equipment

  • All access to our Peak Conditioning Equipment

Personal Training Services included in Monthly Membership.

See your Trainer sometimes or choose.


  • Once a week or four Sessions Monthly

  • Twice a week or eight Sessions Monthly

  • Three times a week or twelve Sessions Monthly


Additional Diamond Services Include:

  • 8  Fitness classes monthly

  • Towel Service. Towels available for your convenience.

  • All toiletries supplied by Bodilogix

  • Body Composition analysis offered.

  • Permanent Locker space provided. 

  • Laundry service wash, dry and fold of your workout gear.

  • Nutritional Support Services, education and accountability.

  • Admittance to various seminars and workshops as well as our "eat clean" cooking classes.

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