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I hold a certification as a Yoga Teacher and have added courses to instruct Suspension Yoga, Breathe Reflect Stretch and a Trust and Let Go program to help educate myself and others. 


Personal fitness pursuits aside of yoga include a love of marathon running. The connection I’ve made through training to run in many 1/2 marathons and one full marathon has been and continues to be one of my passions.


Later in my mid fifties, I challenged myself to compete in a fitness show as one of my life goals. 


As varied as my fitness exploits have been,  it is in my Yoga practice I find my inner peace, tranquility, strength. Through the movements and  intentional gratitude on the mat ,Yoga brings for me a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Sharing my love of Yoga through guiding practices is the gift I wish to share with others. For me to guide my practice with  love, wisdom, peace and yes some laughter is to cleanse totally our minds, bodies 

See you on our mats.


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