January 29, 2013

Ever wonder what a personal trainer does on a Saturday night?


The answer…. STUDY!


As I see throughout the week each one of you once , twice or more times per week, I encounter many conversations, some which arise into question marks in my head from a physiological perspective.  Why does this person seem so troubled by back issues and another so troubles by knees that don’t seem to work ‘quite right’, we all have something that’s a little “left of perfect”. I am most certainly armed with some basic strategy but the question almost always rattles in my brain… is there more? Am I missing something?  Is there new information on the topic I am not aware of?


I want the most out of our experience together. I want to provide strategy to correct and certainly do no harm to any current physiological issues you currently present to me.


Secretly, I love the challenge of unlocking the mysteries of why YOU move the way YOU do, and only YOU do… fascinates me!


Can”t help myself! I watch every”body” all the time! “CRAZY STUFF!


Warning…This Sunday’s study was Periformis syndrome… you will all be doing one if not two new moves on a foam roller you will not enjoy…( I also did not enjoy), but the education was good, informative, and we will all practice it this week.


Anyone who just sits too much, is gonna see me and my roller a mile away….Next week …. who knows….

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