April 7, 2014

Water! It’s Goods for what ails ya!


It never fails to amaze me as I assist my fabulous clients that one detail in a person’s lifestyle or “diet” that can have such a profound effect on improving so many nagging conditions is such a simple thing!


Drink the Drink! H2O my friends… it’s magical!


Headaches, cramps, cramping,spasms, charlie horses, hunger, fatigue,sluggishness, dry skin, workout performance, regularity, to name a few instantly, well almost instantly remedied with the addition of adequate water.


Start with 2 litres daily as a baseline spaced from early morning, to evening.


Tip; enjoy 250ml- 500ml first thing before breakfast and even your cup of morning coffee to enjoy the  full benefits of launching your day starting with your Hydration. You would be amazed how much better you feel with that one little change up!


The goal; 250ml-500ml of H20 every morning upon waking for 7 days in a row. Let me know the results of your experiment.

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