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Team Training


Looking to give your sports team the edge? Bodilogix is your answer.

We believe every sport and every athlete can benefit tremendously from a sound fitness program in place both in season, and definitely in the off season.  At todays high level of sport, a dry land fitness training component is not only suggested, its mandatory.


Bodilogix Fitness offers effective high performance team and small group conditioning focussed on giving your athletes the edge. Our Trainers take personally the mandate to help develop the skills, drills and physicality your sport demands of its players.


Our Customized design and programming for each team is based on current skill level and fitness level of its athletes.  Attention to improving through progressions is our goal. Our trainers believe instructing good form and technique to each athlete in area of strength training,  as well as attention to appropriate drills translate into a better athlete. 


 It is our passion to see each and everyone of your athletes excell, achieve and develop to his or her full potential.


A meeting can be arranged to discuss the needs of your team.

Contact David Long Special Services @ 905 372 8400 to get more information.

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